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Are you fed up with not getting the results you want with your health? Taking medication but still not feeling better or getting worse? Are you ready to make changes to your life and health so that you can pursue your goals and life's purpose without a debilitating illness? Looking to continue naturally feeling and being at your very best? No matter your needs, ATOSC approaches your care with proven world-class natural medicine therapies while providing you with the time and attention needed to accomplish the results you are looking for.

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Dr. Rene Rodriguez, PhD, LAcRene Rodriguez, PhD, LAc, is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and board licensed acupuncturist serving Studio City, CA, and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles including North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Burbank, CA. Dr. Rene offers a unique blend of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) and Yoga wisdom combined with modern research in natural medicine and medical acupuncture to help restore and support natural health and wellness in his clients.


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