"My kids suffered from year-round allergies, sinus problems, and asthma until I took them to see Dr. Rene. Medications that were prescribed to them were only working temporarily, and I spent a lot of time and money on finding a natural remedy to give them. But nothing was working. A co-worker finally convinced me to call ATOSC and Dr. Rene, and I wish I would have called sooner. In just one visit Dr. Rene immediately zeroed in on the root causes that was making things worse, and made diet, lifestyle, and herbal medicine recommendations that began improving my kids' health almost instantly. He was very helpful and informative, and helped me find a permanent natural solution for their health."

AL, Studio City, CA


"I was suffering from painful and sore abs and had been to my primary care doctor and the specialists she referred me too. They reffered me to physical therapy and gave me meds, but the problem continued and I got no relief. My friend suggested I call Dr. Rene and he was able to help tremendously. Instead of treating me just for the pain, Dr. Rene took his time with me and discovered my pain was likely related to poor gallbladder function. Unsure, I had an ultrasound done and was surprised when they found large gallstones were blocking the duct. They recommended surgery, but I decided to go back to Dr. Rene and get his advise. He guided me through a detox diet and I was able to eliminate the stones naturally, which not only took my pain away completely but also helped me feel more energized! I can't be more thankful for making the call to Dr. Rene and would highly recommend him to anyone."

DM, Sherman Oaks, CA


"Dr. Rene is one of the most compassionate people you'll ever meet. I was going through a really stressful time in my life. My elder parents had fallen ill and had to move in with me so I could care for them. I was angry, resentful, and scared, and I wasn't able to sleep, all at the same time. Dr. Rene was there to help me relax, let things go, be courageous, and get some much needed sleep."

EC, Toluca Lake, CA


"I use Dr. Rene as part of my health maintenance routine. He's very generous with his time and loves to share information with me on many different topics. I always feel like he listens to me and is genuinely concerned in my overall well-being. "

SF, Studio City, CA


"Dr. Rene has helped me tremendously in managing my stress. I sleep better and no longer get as anxious as I used to with things at work or home. His sessions always make me feel relaxed and energized, and I always look forward to getting his advise or opinion on things. Plus he's open on the weekends, so I'm able to get there without having to leave work."

JT, Studio City, CA

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