Health Tune-UpFeeling run down and sluggish? Stressed? Trouble sleeping? Suffering from aches and pain?

These are all symptoms that your health needs your attention. And ignoring them may be putting your long-term health in jeopardy. But there’s something you can do about it.

You can improve your health and prevent suffering from long-term illness by using our all-natural Health Tune-Up service.

Is Your Body's Check Engine Light On?

Serious health problems often begin with common symptoms such as stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, depression, insomnia, or pain.

While these may seem like small issues, most often they are important signals from your body letting you know something is not right.

Just like ignoring your vehicle's "check engine" light will decrease the performance of your car or truck and possibly damage its engine or transmission, ignoring common symptoms will often set the foundation for more serious illnesses to take a foothold in the future.

Likewise, tuning up your health before you get sick keeps your mind and body balanced and functioning at peak performance, improves your quality of life, and helps find and fix small problems before they become big ones.

You Don't Have To Suffer From Debilitating Long-Term Illness.

Suffering from a long-term illness should not be something you just accept as normal.

In reality, common risk factors for developing long-term illnesses are known. And if these risks are eliminated almost all suffering from long-term illnesses could be prevented.

Most long-term illnesses do not happen overnight. And they do not result in sudden death.

Rather, they generally take a very long time to develop through poor diet and lifestyle choices. And they are likely to cause you to become more sick and debilitated over a long period of time.

A life of prolonged ill-health is avoidable. Natural prevention of long-term illnesses can help you minimize suffering so that you can live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Naturally Boost Immunity. Preserve Health. Be Well.

Preserving health and improving quality of life by warding off disease before it begins has long been the preferred method of treatment by acupuncturists. The reason is Traditional Oriental Medicine excels at being able to identify and treat conditions of overall poor health long before they become full blown states of disease.

At the center of its success as a preventive medicine is the concept of Qi, or vital-energy. Traditionally, acupuncture helps balance the flow of vital-energy in the body, which preserves your vitality, keeps you strong and healthy, and in tune with your surroundings. The goal of treatment is to help align the various levels of your existence so that you can pursue and fulfill your life's purpose.

Recent research suggests that the diverse therapeutic effects of acupuncture in reducing pain and regulating other inflammatory conditions and chronic disorders now linked to inflammation is the key to understanding its preventive benefits. The virtually painless needling of acupuncture points gently boosts immune function to help your body respond better to whatever is going on with you.

Acupuncture's anti-inflammatory effects can help increase the body’s ability to adapt to muscle aches and pain, stress, anxiety, or depression, or harmful pollutants, microorganisms, and other cellular waste deposited into your blood and tissues.

Get Personalized Natural Treatments To Tune-Up Your Health.

Receiving regularly scheduled acupuncture treatments using out Health Tune-Up service provides an excellent addition to any natural health maintenance and wellness program.

At your first visit we will interview you and perform an in-depth examination to learn more about your medical history, condition, and diet and lifestyle choices. We then combine the information gathered to develop a treatment program that involves guidelines for incorporating acupuncture, and dieting and herbal medicine supplements in the safest and most effective way to help address any immediate and pressing health concerns.

To address any acute symptoms, weekly or bimonthly acupuncture sessions are generally recommended until symptoms have cleared. Once acute symptoms have cleared, treatment generally involves monthly or quarterly acupuncture supported through the use of nutrition and herbs to balance and strengthen the functioning of the immune system and the Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Liver, and Heart organ systems primarily involved with cultivating vitality.

In addition to alleviating small and mild symptoms, our therapists also partner with you to teach you how to help naturally prevent illness in the future.

Getting Started With All-Natural Health Tune-Ups at ATOSC.

Since 2008, ATOSC has been using Traditional Oriental Medicine to help people naturally tuneup their health, support their wellbeing, and improve their overall quality of life. We invite you to make an appointment today to discover how Traditional Oriental Medicine can help you do the same.

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