After a few years of gaining more experience and knowledge in two different doctor offices in the Southland, we are excited to be back in Studio City, CA, just around the corner from our previous location in Toluca Lake. We have begun taking appointments and are excited to be back in the Studio City/Toluca Lake neighborhood!

We've heard your requests, and are pleased to announce that Dr. Rodriguez will again be offering weekend appointments! In addition to adding Saturday appointments back to the schedule, we've also added Sunday appointments, and have extended our hours of availability on each day, giving you more convenient options for getting in for treatment.

Join Dr. Rene Rodriguez, PhD, LAc, for Yoga suchi-bhaden, a unique 90 minute class that blends the best of yoga and acupuncture for the ultimate healing experience. Awaken your energy with yoga, and balance its flow with acupuncture to enter a deep state of relaxation and harmonize your body's systems.

At ATOSC, we've had a lot of change going on in 2014 and it seems to be culminating now, all at once. By the time 2014 is over, I will have relocated my office 3 times in 3 different cities throughout southern California, and I will have finally completed my PhD dissertation.