Eating right is a very important aspect of staying healthy and well. Often times, poor lifestyle choices lead to poor choices in diet that eventually damage the body's natural ability to respond and stay healthy. As a result, an improper diet is frequently at the root of various health conditions and their associated symptoms, and commonly makes restoring health more difficult.

Nutritional Therapy is a very good therapeutic approach for alleviating a wide variety of conditions and symptoms, particularly those that have not responded well to conventional care. Our licensed acupuncturists are professional nutritionists that combine modern nutrition therapeutics with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wisdom to help reduce the risk of developing complications in preexisting conditions, eliminate the effects of any existing condition, and reduce the risk of developing future non-existing conditions, all while considering the greatest potential for individualized beneficial results.

Nutritional Therapy is included as part of every visit. Each visit involves having the details about your medical history and overall health condition evaluated by our acupuncture therapist who will use the information gathered to customize and monitor a specifically tailored diet that is based on the patient's medical and psychosocial history, physical and functional examination, and dietary history. Our acupuncturist will use the information gathered to target diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements, exercises, and meditation routines that help correct imbalances and support healthy living.

Getting Started With Nutritional Therapy

Whether you are suffering from acute or long-standing symptoms or conditions, or are looking to support wellness, Nutritional Therapy at ATOSC provides you with access to professional knowledge and experience to help tailor and monitor a diet that can help improve your health condition and symptoms, restore optimal health, and sustain wellness.

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