Acupuncture, or gan zhen ("dry needling"), is one of the oldest and most commonly used therapies in the modern world. It provides exceptional relief from pain, mental stress, and many symptoms and chronic conditions linked to the immune system and inflammation. In many cases, clients are able to create a pain management, stress management, or allergy relief program with acupuncture therapy to treat symptoms and conditions that drugs or surgery alone has not been able to completely alleviate.

Acupuncture Therapy at ATOSC involves the use of a blend between traditional and modern acupuncture methods and techniques. Traditional acupuncture includes the use of filiform needling, moxibustion, massage, and cupping to balance the flow of qi (life-force), blood, body fluids, and jing (essence). In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), these are the basic vital substances that maintain normal vital activity of the human body. Modern acupuncture involves using only the available medical science on filfiorm needling to treat symptoms and conditions.

Regardless of your health goals, patients who undergo regular acupuncture therapy at ATOSC generally report feeling less stressed, well-rested, improved mental acuity, diminished pain, improved organ function, improved immunity, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

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